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We Offer High Quality Indoor and Outdoor Furnishings

Green Street Site Furniture is a reputable company that focuses on indoor and outdoor commercial products. We are the pioneer supplier of commercial site amenities like benches; bike racks; chairs; grills; planters; poolside, fibreglass, and galvanized products; tables; trash receptacles; accessories; and umbrellas. Combining functionality, durability, and aesthetics, our world class products are definitely an excellent deal. We collaborate with a team of established manufacturers around the country to create these exquisite commercial products.

Valuing our customers is our top priority. We understand that each individual has unique preferences and styles. Because of this, we have come up with products that vary in texture and colour to suit your taste. We also welcome the opportunity to create special arrangements for different project needs. These include personalized plastic park benches, chairs, and tables.

Here at Green Street Site Furniture, we care about the environment. Our green movement towards a healthier earth has motivated us to carefully design high quality recycled products. Our recycled park bench, for instance, is made from 100% recycled tires and plastic materials. This is easy to assemble, durable, and at the same time moisture and stain resistant.

We would love to hear from you! Kindly let us know your needs and provide us comments and feedbacks so we continue to improve your great Green Street Site Furniture experience. Visit us at PO Box 2659 Sarasota, Florida 34230. Contact us at 941-374-1971 or send us an email at info@greenstreetsitefurniture.com.

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